Another conspiracy theory?

Another tale of genocide?

NO! A chronicle of capitalism run amok.

The pharmaceutical industry creates and maintains chronic diseases in pursuit of unholy profits—at the expense of patients’ health. From the government’s alphabet soup agencies—HHS, FDA, CDC, NIH—to our institutions of higher learning; from charitable advocates, like the American Diabetes Association, to the powerful American Medical Association; from the media to our politicians—all are inextricably intertwined and dancing to a tune choreographed by a higher power: Big Pharma.

Diabetes is only one shining example of the pharmaceutical industry’s criminal pursuit of profits. Patients’ health, patients’ lives, patients’ freedom—all are fair game in the quest for limitless wealth and unbridled power.

The medical industry has allowed the encroachment by Big Pharma and their lobby into our lives. DTC advertising now supplants doctor-patient cooperation. Pharma PR is thrown at the media in the guise of “news.” Pharmaceutical sales reps now supply more “education” to physicians than CME courses. In other words, Big Pharma has climbed to the top of the totem pole; medical professionals stubbornly cling to their subordinate position; and the poor patient (pun intended) supports the entire structure. Do I need to tell you that the support is vulnerable and under attack? Whether it can remain viable is, or should be, a question of great concern.

Too Profitable to Cure (Table of Contents)

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1—The Victims
  • Chapter 2—A Majority Minority—A Commonality of Helplessness
  • Chapter 3—The Godfathers of Unconscionable Greed
  • Chapter 4—”New” Science Provides the Weapon
  • Chapter 5—Bad Reporting System Supports the Script
  • Chapter 6—Government—The Facilitator
  • Chapter 7—The Medical Community—Patients Gamble with their Lives
  • Chapter 8—Pharmacists—Peddlers of Street-Legal Death
  • Chapter 9—The ADA—Taking Money Under False Pretenses, or Worse
  • Chapter 10—The Fourth Estate—Another Multifaceted Corporation Choosing Profit
  • Chapter 11—Patent Revelations—Outside the Box
  • Chapter 12—The Food Police, No Protection At All
  • Chapter 13—The Latest Equipment, A “Cure” for the Bottom Line
  • Chapter 14—The G-BATT Zone
  • Chapter 15—CURES—They ARE Preventable
  • Chapter 16—Solutions
  • Chapter 17—In the “Bush”
  • Chapter 18—Summation