About the Author

Brent Hoadley grew up in Vermont. After graduating from the University of Vermont, he obtained a Ph.D. in plant science from Kansas State University. At the age of 14, he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The impact of the disease, coupled with his scientific background, influenced both his career and avocation choices.

Living with diabetes for over 50 years, he has witnessed many changes in the treatment of the disease…but is distressed that the cure is no closer now than when he was diagnosed. From a not-unbiased viewpoint, he addresses the current state of healthcare for those who suffer from chronic diseases, and contends that profit, not humanitarianism, is driving American healthcare. As an entrepreneur/inventor, he is aware, and appreciates the profit motive that drives capitalism. However, he feels the bottom line should not be tainted with the smell of dead bodies. With Yankee pragmatism, he identifies culprits and urges activism as a countermeasure.